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Call for Papers and Posters

Submit your paper proposal
Paper submission deadline: August 1

We’re pleased to invite paper proposals that explore the interface between data and computer science and journalism, covering the entire process and practice of journalism in context, including:

We encourage submissions from a wide variety of academic and professional perspectives and modes of practice, including:


This year’s conference will include a major focus on “fake news,” misinformation, and fact-checking, given the attention these topics have received in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Beyond that topic area, we are trying to cast the widest possible net in mapping out the interplay between computation and journalism.  Consider the following topic areas as inspiration, but please don’t be limited by them.


Papers will be published as part of an online proceedings linked off this site but should be considered "non-archival" for the sake of journal submissions elsewhere. At the same time, we highly encourage unique and novel contributions with limited overlap to other related publications the author may have or intend to publish. You can view selected papers from C+J 2015 and C+J 2016 online.


All submissions must be in PDF format, follow a standard set by the Association for Computing Machinery, and should not exceed five (5) pages, including references.

Submit your paper proposal
Paper submission deadline: August 1


Submit your poster proposal
Poster submission deadline: August 1

We will be accepting submissions for a Poster session that will occur the evening of October 13. Submitted papers not chosen for inclusion in the conference content may be invited to present as a Poster. Contributors wishing to present a Poster are invited to submit a 1-page Executive Summary in PDF format.

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